Dropkick Mollies are a lively rock band. We have two female lead singers who are also instrumentalists along with 3 other accomplished musicians on guitar, bass and drums, creating  a blended, beautiful sound. We are high energy  but still in the Irish vein.

Lory Lacy

Lory Lacy, singer/flautist/penny whistler, has a Master of Flute Performance degree from San Francisco Conservatory. Her undergraduate studies were spent at Oberlin Conservatory and the Peabody Institute, where she graduated with high honors. Her original jazz recording, As the Crow Flies, has been featured on radio stations across the country. In Los Angeles, she did studio work for BET and Disney Channel, and recorded with Matt Sorum (drummer for The Cult, Guns & Roses, and Velvet Revolver), Kim Stone (bassist for Spyro Gyra and the Rippingtons), and Lanny Cordolla (guitarist for Giuffria, House of Lords and Magdallan). In 2014 she studied opera at AIMS in Graz, Austria. Her previous rock bands in Los Angeles and Kansas City include FYVM, Firebox, and Royal Absinthe Company. Lacy currently tours on saxophone with The Phil Collins Experience, plays principal flute with the St. Joseph Symphony, plays piccolo with Kansas City’s Kinnor Philharmonic, and fronts in her Irish rock band, Dropkick Mollies, with her amazing friend, also a redhead, Kara Baum.

Kara Baum

Kara Baum, singer, is the reincarnation of an “old world” witch that has been honing her skills in singing magic spells for decades. She was a singer in a local high school group that traveled the greater United States on a two week tour each summer throughout her high school years. In college she spent 4 years working towards a major in a Bachelor of Science in Education with a minor in Bachelor of Arts in vocal musical. Roughly 7 years ago she became a practitioner of the “gentle art” (BrazilianJiu jitsu) and she was there befriended by the talented Lory Lacy. From that point the universe has paved the way for her to spread her creative wings as one of the singer/songwriters of The Dropkick Mollies.

Chad O'Callaghan

Chad O’Callaghan, guitarist, was born of a preacher man and farm girl. He may or may not have landed through radioactive measures. Cursed from birth with a guitar and drunken Irish mouth. He loves music of most sorts, and cannot sit still long enough to stop the rhythm and voices in his head. He has played in numerous local bands from Syster-T-Bone, Bawl, Backwash, Standing on Nines, Amenazar, The Devil & The Southern Fellowship, Grindstone Creek, and numerous other “fill in gigs” and currently resides well at home in Dropkick Mollies. He currently owns O’Callaghan Pedalboards and spends time woodworking and summoning lost souls through painting musical pathways. He has played in most all Midwestern states, from MO, IA, NE, AR, Il, Ks, and recorded in Tenn. Most importantly, he enjoys his beautiful family.

Sean Selecman

Sean Selecman is the former bassist for The Royal Absynth Company and The Devil And The Southern Fellowship, currently playing bass for Dropkick Mollies. He has a rock and roll edge that bleeds through into any style that he’s playing. Sean channels his influences based on the feel of the music, from the atmospheric tension of Tool to the drive-fast thrash of White Zombie, he likes to add a hint of metal to everything he does.

Everett Jonas, drummer, has played in numerous bands such as Amenazar, 9Penny, Carbon, DSF, Dreams of Reason, Gretta, DEADCORVETTE, and currently Dropkick Mollies. You may find him in 3 different places most of the time: either on stage, at the lake, or in his 2am Room.